NetEnt vs Evolution Gaming

By 24 October 2020

You can't talk about online gaming without mentioning both NetEnt or Evolution Gaming. Why? Well, the two casinos are by far the leading producers of casino solutions in the world. If you are new to NetEnt, check some of their exiting slots on .

Introduction to The Rivaly

The two studios have been in the business for quite a while. With their collection of high-quality state of the heart casino solutions, we can say they can blow out of the water any provider who tries to outdo them. Find more exciting slots at rcalhaurindelatorre site.

With all said success, the two studios are on the direct rivalry. Everyone is trying to slash a bigger pie. Even though players are okay with the reliability and entertainment aspect of the two companies, its good to know has more to offer to online casino fanatics.

Let's Compare Their User Interface

Simplicity, understandable, and easy to use define a good user interface. Both guys are leaving up to the expectation here. Even as a novice player, you can't get stuck here. You can even understand the theme used by just looking at their slots interfaces.

However, NetEnt leads here. They have gone ahead to spice their slots with more thrilling features that feed the players with extra knowledge. They include On-Screen last game history (played on a particlar slot) and Statistics of the curent game. Such information is essential to players when making their decision.

How To Contact The Studio

A good customer support system is an indispensable prerequisite if the company is to remain competitive. A satisfied customer is a retained customer. The two companies do well in this aspect. With both email and phone, you can access their customer support with no hustle.

However, Evolution Gaming has a higher edge here. Introduction of a Live Chat tool changes the whole game. A lot of people love using live chat since they can connect with an agent on real-time. Live chat provides a competitive advantage in any market.

In-Game Betting Features On Live BlackJack

Live dealer blackjack is one of the most popular since it brings a lot of aspects lost on old brick and mortar casinos. With both studios leading in the provision of Live Blackjack slots, let's see how they compare. Both have all the conventional betting options the game requires.

But, Evolution gaming goes an extra mile here. There is a "Pre-Decision option" that gives a player a chance to call concurrently with the players already in the game. They don't have to wait for their go. By so doing, they speed up the game-play.

Who Is The King Of Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a special type of jackpot that increases in size every time players fails to win. Playing on a progressive jackpot gives you a chance to win millions of money. That is why any serious studio must have a progressive jackpot.

Evolution gaming boasts to have three popular progressive jackpots namely; Live Casino Hold’em, Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, and Live Caribbean Stud Poker. The highest one is Live Casino Hold’em with a staggering £ 1,000,000. However, it is dwarfed by NetEnt Mega Fortune that has a whopping 10 million Pounds.